Trondheim International Reformed Church

23 June 2019

Welcome to the Sunday Service @ 4pm.

How to Get There

We’re so glad you are considering visiting us.

City Center

We have our Sunday services along Prinsens gate in Trondheim city center. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Trondheim Square (Torvet) where the statue of the city’s founder, Olav Tryggvason, stands.

Taking the Bus

Almost all of the buses run through the city center. If you take the bus, you may get off at one of these nearest bus stops: Kongens gate K1, Kongens gate K2, Prinsens gate P1, Prinsens gate P2.

From Trondheim Central Station

Our distance from the central train station is 1.2 kilometers, which takes about 15-20 minutes to walk. You can take the bus 19, 46, 75, 54, and 60 at Trondehim S. 10 bus stop, going to the nearest bus stops in Kongens gate and Prinsens gate.


Finding where to park can be a challenge. The nearest place where to park on an open space for free on Sundays is in Leüthenhaven (address: Erling Skakkes gate 40, 7012 Trondheim). Note: the basement car park in Leüthenhaven is closed on Sunday.

Leüthenhaven Car Park

Leüthenhaven Car Park