Trondheim International Reformed Church

17 December 2017

Sunday Worship Service at 4:30 P.M.

Kitchen Team

On one Sunday every month, except when announced, we have one of the best times we can have: fellowship with each other, the International Dinner. The Kitchen Team prepares a 3-course meal (starter, main course and dessert). Dinner starts usually after the service at around 6:00 p.m. but you can come early to be able to attend the worship service. In some cases, the dinner comes before the worship service.

International dinner means not only good food, but warm fellowship, sharing of skills/knowledge about cooking/baking and listening to God’s Word during the service. We are blessed with people who are all behind this event, from planning of menu, to cooking, to preparing the tables for all, and to washing up. We have prepared different dish: Italian, English, Singaporean, Filipino, Norwegian, American, Thai, Chinese and others.

This is for FREE and we do not ask people to give any money, but we find that sometimes there are people who are happy to give any small amount for this ministry. We welcome any support and consider it as a blessing to TIC.

If you won’t want to miss this event, let us know and we’ll keep you informed and updated.

Our Kitchen Team

  • Pastor Robin in the Kitchen

    Kitchen Advisor: Pastor Robin

  • Kitchen Staff

    Kitchen Staff