Next Bible Study: 19 July

Church Open in Summer

Many of us may be away but we stay open in summer and continue to meet for the Bible Study and Church Service.

Planning to visit?

Searching for a church? Looking for someone to talk to about your spiritual needs? Contact us.

About TIC

We’re an international independent church united in faith in Jesus. Know more about the church.

Regular Meetings

We meet in different venues on Fridays. The Sunday Services are held in Prinsens gate 10A.

Next Sunday Service: 21 July @ 4:30 p.m.

We are one body of Christ

As fellow believers, we can uplift each other and have the opportunity to serve and worship

Regular Meeting on Sunday

Visit us here. We are located in the city centre accessible by private and public transportation.

Postal address:
Casper Lundes veg 6a, 7098 Saupstad

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