Trondheim International Reformed Church

15 March 2020

Sunday service is cancelled.

Bible Study

16th August – Topic: Perseverance of the Saints

The Perseverance of the Saints, and will be considering the question of whether a true believer can lose his or her salvation. This has been a major controversy for the Church through the ages. Our Study book will be Apostasy (The Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel) by John Owen, published by the Banner of Truth and abridged and made easy to read by R. J. K. Law.

In addition to Owen’s book, we will be looking at the importance of Sanctification, Personal Holiness and the Mystical Union with Christ and how we should include these in any study of Apostasy.

The Bible text for the study is Hebrews 6:4-6.

The venue for this Friday meeting will be announced on Facebook group. If you are new and interested to join, please contact us on mobile (+47)41241778, or send us a message via the contact page. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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