Sunday Meetings – Covid-19 Restrictions

Our church is trying to observe the rules regarding the number of people coming to our Sunday meetings and implement the measures to reduce the risk related to covid. Due to our limited rented space, we are allowed to have a maximum of 25 people in the church instead of 50.

So, kindly let us know if you are attending the church service this Sunday by replying to the attendance poll posted on the Facebook group (Join the Facebook group). This is to help us estimate how many are coming and to keep an overview of who is present.

If you or your family member/friend are unable to reply to the poll, you may write to us in the contact form below or send a text message to (+47)99450634.

Please, come before 4:30 p.m. If you know that you will be late for any reason, let us know beforehand.

Read updates on “Events, gatherings and activities“, The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.